Bella Espresso


Bella Espresso is located at 231 N Hemlock #117 Cannon Beach, Oregon.

Bella Espresso is known for gourmet coffee and coffee drinks. Bella Espresso also has gourmet desserts and gelato. Gelato is an Italian ice cream that is flown in from Italy.


Bella Roasta coffee is produced using carefully selected grades of arabica beans available on the international market. Our coffee is produced using a unique hot-air roasting process.

An upward flow of hot air lifts the green coffee bean simultaneously heating and mixing beans evenly. Fresh air continually flows through the levitated beans and carries away smoke, chaff and dust as the beans are roasting so they are not burned in the roasting chamber as traditional rotary roasters. The flavor is smooth and rich, never a smoky or burnt taste.

Dundee’s Bar & Grill

Simple Great Food

Fine dining, not quite, but Dundee’s does food right. Keeping food simple is our answer.

We’re not talking about frozen pre-breaded fish and chicken. We batter our halibut fish-n-chips with Mactarnahans beer batter and our chicken breast strips are dusted with panko breadcrumbs for a light crisp texture you will love.

We’re not talking about frozen hamburger patties and store bought pizza crusts. Our 1/3 lb. hand-pattied burgers are certified Angus beef ground chuck and our pizza’s are fresh dough and sauce we make daily.

Steaks, seafood, sub sandwiches, and a garden fresh salad bar round out a diverse menu with something for everyone.

Dundees Website
414 Broadway
Seaside, OR 97138
phone: (503)738-7006
fax: (503)738-9693

Pizza a’fetta Review


Pizza a’fetta is located at 231 N. Hemlock, Cannon Beach Oregon. There is off-street parking in Hemlock Street and a public parking lot off of Spruce. Pizza a’fetta has as cozy dining room with 9 table that seats approximately 23 people. There is a take out window where you can buy pizza by the slice in three varieties; Triple Cheese, Pepperoni or the Daily Special which is usually a vegetarian.

There are 18 pizza varieties, salads, soup, bread sticks and a selection of beverages, including beer and wine.

We ordered the Herbed Artichoke Pizza, bread sticks, and pop.The pizza dough is hand-tossed. The crust was thick and baked to perfection. The sauce was rich and flavorful. The cheeses were of good quality and plentiful. The olive, onion and artichoke combination was delicious. We were not disappointed.

This is not a fast food restaurant it took about 20 for the pizza to be served, but the bread sticks were great to snack on while waiting for our pizza.

Prompt and friendly service.

A great dining experience.

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